Why does Leptin resistance maintain?

Here is some mechanism that can strengthen Leptin resistance to continuing:

Inflammation: When overloading of inflammation signals occur to the brain then it is a sign of Leptin resistance

Free fatty acids: With a lot of free acids in the bloodstreams may cause fat metabolism in the brain and prevent leptins to work

BPA: in an endocrine-disrupting chemical and can be found in canned foods, drinks and more. Those chemicals in the bloodstreams can slower the body functions

TBT: Also known as tributyltin, a chemical present in paints, vinyl products, and pesticides

EDC in Teflon: Researchers of Sterling University concluded that EDC levels in the body proportional to the overweight level. The amount of EDC when entering the bloodstream can affect the brain to find Leptin and create instead constantly hunger

Unfortunately, most of the building of Leptin resistance causes a high level of a fatty substance in the body. If we aren´t aware of this the result will be massive overweight and constantly cycle of leptin resistance


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