What a heck is affiliate marketing- the right way to financial freedom for whome in 2020?

What is affiliate marketing?

In affiliate marketing, there are plenty of tactics for you to be able to rapidly increasing whether you want traffic, leads, or sales to boost your income stream. Maybe some of them or more effective than others. I recommend to chose the one that you believe you have the skills for and feel comfortable right away and faster can get a start. In the following section, I will present different tactics in affiliate marketing which can be a winning concept for you to work on.

Affiliate marketing tactics

Due to many ways of tactics in working as an affiliate, there will be a deep learning curve at the beginning to manage one or several techniques to make success in your marketing. When you see many clicks, leads or sales then you are in the right way. Stick to the tactic that has generated the most income for you as fastest.


Most affiliates bloggers work toward engaging their audience and even to get a higher rank through SEO (Search engine optimization). Of course, if your blogging is attracting many readers and that you constantly providing valuable and sometimes hight quality content then you get more clicks which can even generate more sales. Then you are in the right direction doing affiliate marketing.

The investment to start a blog is very low and this way to get traffic is calling organically and sometimes means free traffic. This means you let SEO controls all of the traffic compared to paid advertisers which I, later on, will go more in detail.

When blogging can sometimes take time in an effort of work to build a huge amount of audience and therefore be able to earn multi-figure in income streams. Many bloggers usually have to be active for many years before more audiences who regularly reading the content is happening. The content in blogging could be just talking about interest topics which sometimes don´t have to do with affiliate marketing. Rather help to solve problems or just about some breaking news. Whilst other blogging only focusing on the topic related to the promoted product specifically and covering the most important information and even the updated one. But when putting affiliate links there is an invisible rule about how many links you can put on a post or after how many phrases. It doesn´t matter either you mentioning related topics to the promoted product or directly talk about the product, don´t dominate your content with links otherwise you can be judged as a spammer. It seems to be that most of the successful affiliates are concentrating on product reviews on their websites or bloggers.

Social Media

Social Media nowadays has become a daily platform for many to either following influencers who have often added content or information about their everyday life experiences and overtimes gathering a huge amount of followers or a place to take a part of the news. The culture in being popular influencers in social media is mostly about personality and relationships for a long time. When an influencer is recommending a product then the trust among their follower is very high. Sometimes they don´t even have to do marketing to make their following clicking on the affiliate link. In this case, I mean people don´t even care much about the source of the product and its brand. It is about which person who uses it.

The same concept is about influencers who are blogging. Many of them didn´t work with affiliate marketing directly. After a couple of years when their blogging is well established with a huge of loyal followers, then it is easier for them to grow in affiliate marketing.

On social media, the affiliate link often seems like a spammer or false marketing and therefore being blocked or disabled. To go around this you better put links to your website or blog and the audience can from there get to know about the product and be able to click the affiliate links.

Email Marketing

With email marketing, the chance for higher sales is common, because you can continue sending to your audience with further valuable information. This way to marketing complement to your blogging, website, or on social media when you have done the first part of marketing.

When you have a huge list of subscribers when leaving their email then you have done a very good job. To start building an email you better have a contact form with a signup button on your websites. Popup windows prompting website visitors to sign up to your email list is working very well. Even Exit-intent popups can be effective, which shows up when a visitor is leaving the site.

The cool thing with email listing is you have already targeted your audience and know what products they like or highly want to use. Then you can send additional information about the promoted product or even other complementary products several times until they are convinced and can´t longer wait to purchase.

Live webinars

Webinars are another great tool when marketing. Because there is a huge space to take advantage of when you want to talk more about products honestly and helpfully. During the time you can answer all of the questions and doubts from your audience to be able to change their state of mind for being engaging and convinced. And if you are very charming and social as a person, then it is the right path for you to strengthen the relationship with the audience.

There are many hosts to live a webinar and often for free. For example, you can use Google Hangouts or Zoom to conferencing. You better work on your webinar to just talking and mentioning a specific product you want to do affiliate for. In that way, your audience will not get distracted and know precisely what to do next.

Again remember to engage them to question and then you can answer them so clearly as possible. Also, be so personal as you can and charming them by your own experiences on the product. And if you have some memorable story related to the product don´t forget to share and make a big impression. At the end of the webinar just show your affiliate links and even summarize the most important features to make sure they will not miss anything virtually.

PPC advertising

PPC advertising means pay per click ad can work out for you when has done affiliate marketing for a while and you are familiar with the basic. When creating an ad you have to just pay for those who have clicked on the affiliate link. When they are on your email list at an increased rate, direct them to a webinar or your landing page. This method is a very effective way to reach more people and a tendency to have credit for all of the efforts you have done in affiliate marketing so far.

How you can get greater as an affiliate marketer

Now you know there are plenty of advantages in terms of freedom in working and ways in affiliate marketing to achieve financial independence.
Here are further tips on how you can make better results and even stand out from your competition.

Build personal relationships

Once you have your audience and their contact information when they subscribed for your channel, you have the opportunity to establish a long term relationship in such as a friend who wants to help out. Why do you have to enter a personal relationship? The answer is to build trust and growing yourself as a personal brand to get support. Then you will easier create credibility when recommending products. Now your audience has seen you and knows you as a genuine person. The words of yours will be more powerful to convince.

As we have talked earlier about how most successful influencers on social media have easier to reach out and create followers. This is because they have already built a relationship with the audience. And most of all thanks to their unique personality which shines through, they can make broader attention in what they do. The same tactic is about you when doing blogging, interacting on social media, and creating websites. Let your personality be something relatable to your audience. By your stories and how you choose to solve problems will be possible for them too.

Try to combinate several ways of marketing at the same time

Once you have mastered one way of marketing, then you will increase the result rapidly if you engage in other ways at the same time. For example, when you have created a blog or website talking about the promoted product, try to reach out in by posting in social media or interact with groups that you believe have higher potential to use the product. Once again product review is a winning concept for many successful affiliates, if you haven´t done this before dare to start. When blogging, be creative, and add different topics to write on. In time you will be able to see which one has worked out for you. You can also do advertisers on social media, youtube, google, or other search engines platforms, the traffic you can control beside the organically which is the free traffic one (blogging and websites to strengthen SEO). Research about what advantages are between paid ads and free traffic. Maybe you get your payoff faster with the paid advertiser or do you engage more people with the free traffic one?

Pick the right brand to work with will affect your income. There are networks out which are better than others to work with. Do your research which is the top and suitable one and go for it. Remember to choose a product you are interested in, otherwise, you will not be motivated to keep up the good work. Once you have navigated your targeting audience and know exactly what they want to have, then you will surely succeed to pick the right product depending on the brand.

Disclosure your affiliation

Let your followers know that you have affiliate links on your sites to build trust. They should know it from you right away than if they find out at the backway. Your reputation for not having been honest with affiliate marketing will make your followers wanting to leave. You can tell that you are promoting affiliate products either in your about page. Or you just put information about disclosure the affiliate on the sidebar or at the end of your page. This way your followers will not miss out that you are promoting products.

This is even due to the legal requirement where you chose to have your landing page. Read about the term of use well at every platform or channel you will be promoting. In so you can avoid complaining or other twists regarding the law of use or consumption either from the hosting company or your followers.

Work on your SEO skills

The main purpose of SEO (search engine optimization) is to get your site ranked for the higher usually at google search engine. In so you will drive traffics effectively and have a better chance to get click on your affiliate links.

There is plenty of information out there on how to optimize your search engine for the site. It is worth your time in an effort because your affiliate marketing will be much more powerful ahead.

How to corporate with affiliate marketer when you want to sell your products?

If you decide to start your own company in terms of you are the producer or just sell products. Then your business grows faster when reaching out for affiliate marketing to drive traffics. Your sales will be a boost when you at least are expecting it.

Choose your product

For those of you who want to develop your products then you have to act like an entrepreneur in doing from ideas to reality. And suddenly you have to go through a lot of thinking process on what are the needs my audience are going to have. Is my idea enough authentic or can I improve some of the existing products for the better? Research also about how to set up your own business due to the rules and what kind of paperwork is required at the beginning. Go even though the budget and how your profit is going to be about five years as your vision as told you.

Work with the top affiliates as a seller

Once you have your product ready to enter the market in the chosen niche and the mission is to make a better life for your audience. Look then for networks that you can list your products on to find affiliates. Go to Clickbank, there are usually a lot of affiliates who are willing to promote. Visit even Digistore 24 to be visible for more of the hunger affiliates. There are a lot of networks out there, but I do recommend you search the most popular one. In so you will be sure that the reward for all the work you have done is truly transaction to your account.

You can even announce that you are looking for affiliates who have a good concept of promoting. In your announcement, you can specifically write for what kind of sites your affiliates better have. How many visitors do they get on the sites monthly and what kind of personality they are recommending to have when working with your products. Elsewhere you can start searching for the top influencers in blogging, social media, or on different types of sites to make contact. Ask if they are interested to work with you, tell them what benefits do they get from you?

The final thoughts

When engaging to working with affiliate marketing there are plenty advantages. You can work from wherever you want and when. You will be your boss and do all of the commitment to success. You can even work at areas you are passionate about. This factor is very crucial when you want to do this for long time without being bored or exhausted. Because of many ways of working as affiliate marketer, you can in so start with the one you are exciting about and then combinate with others to be able to get more traffics. If you are comfortable in writing then chose blogging and let your creativity feature the content. Do you usually socialize on Facebook and like to enjoy in groups? Then this channel will be profitable for you to reach out and make relationships with your audience. And therefore also be trustful. If youtube is something you are already familiar with, then make a channel with constantly videos with valuable content to get followers. The more followers you get the more sales you going to make and the faster you will become one of the top successfull affiliate out there. Research about affiliate marketing and get knowledged to be able to earn multi figure in income stream for life!

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