Having a freedom lifestyle and live anywhere you want without hard work just with lower investment

When talking about imagining freedom in lifestyle what kind of feelings come to the surface in our mind? Is it our biggest desire that we always have driven for years to make for reality? Like traveling, be able to buy a house that we have dreamed of, or having a lot of free time to do what we most enjoy in life. Or is it about just to break free from the daily duties and not have to think about survival from paycheck to paycheck every month? Creating financial independence that allows us to just have fun and feel safe for the future.

Whatever how we want to define a freedom lifestyle then I surely think words like scary, not to be able to control, get out of the comfort zone, I can’t make for real right now, there are a lot of risks ahead and so on will show up to our head. 

How will you define the freedom lifestyle?

Will you for now relate to freedom in life as not having to worry about how much you can afford to spend for all time? Or it is just to be happy like traveling to an exotic place and find an important meaning in life by providing your knowledge to those in need?

I guess the definition of this question will be individually and most of all that no definition will be wrong or prejudiced. 

The main part here will be how can we get there? What does the plan look like? Which are the components we have to work on firstly? And how much in time and resource or we willing to sacrifice? 

Let´s now concretize the freedom lifestyle to be able to live anywhere in the world and being flexible to move to the next place whenever we want to.

Be geographical independent

Assume you are a traditional worker that the society calls for integrating with the financial system which will reward you by the welfare or financially secure when you retired. The other day, I saw a commercial video about the building industry that all of the members in this sector will work to gathering for retirement and also at the same time contributing to the next generation. As long as this message matches one of your highest values then we can say that if you stick with it for a long time then you will find the freedom to be independent both in financial and geographical aspects then you are at 65 years old. Am I right? During the time all you have to do is learning how to avoid falling from the roof. Make sure that the securities in constructions are safe and most of all not working too near the railway because of a higher chance of getting your arm rip of by trains. And then you will be invalid for life and being addicted to an artificial limb to be able to play bord tennis for example. If you can handle all of these cautions then I guess you will be fine. Oh, maybe you may have to consider climate change and be aware that mother earth may get angry due to all of the overconsuming and devastating. 

But if you want to do something more authentic and just being outside of the box and not have to work 8-9 hours a day for the rest of your life then go for it.

 Nowadays due to the well-developed technology, you can start a business online and work on the computer may be somewhere on a beautiful beach in Miami or Thailand, and at the end of the day being able to watch the sunset and know that it is time for romance with your partner. You either will have a romantic dinner with the tastiest food in the world in a restaurant or just cooking your pasta and have fun during the cooking time. 

Work with something you are passionate about and the money will follow

Now all you have to do is a figure on how am I be able to do this in a shorter time or as soon as possible. 

In the finance world, they do say if you want to get closer to your goals then work hard for it and rest then when the rewarding is coming in. What does this mean? Of course, you do have to be prepared if you want to move from your current home and suddenly you have to consider how much money I have saved so far. And if it isn´t enough what kind of efforts do I have to make at the nearest time? Do I have to find another job with higher pay or can I find some sidestream income just being an entrepreneur and therefore strengthen my skills in service and creating long term relationships with others? And then make this occupation to a full-time job with sustainable income for life. 

But most of all is that you can find a passion for whatever you do. And here are some tips that can help:

  1. Try to focus on what your impact is on a different grade of scale either it is a whole community or just for a few people. Define the main important thing of your purpose and try to see the results before and after.
  2. Dare to get out of your comfort zone by taking risks and not to know what is the next outcome. Challenge yourself by making one of your desires coming true. If you have aways been good at painting, why don´t start your collection by being creative by portrait others and in the end make something unique out of it that has not done by someone else before? On your way, you can scale your business to a higher level and reaching out for more who are interested.
  3. Be surrounded by people who appreciated for who you are. And always couraging you to reach for greater things. 
  4. Always keep learning new things in your niche and feel humble about the curve. Constantly updated with the latest information and get the right knowledge to improve at what you are doing. Be openminded about new inventions. 
  5. Integrity your work by being always passionate and adore your everyday tasks. In that way, you can easily be committed to your goals for success.
  6. Try to not be a perfectionist in all you do. Have fun with it and always thinking about how you can do better next time after an opportunity for new experiences. As long as you are doing your best then there is no reason for blaming yourself not to be good enough. 
  7. Consider a few changes in your work. For example, change the work environment by asking your boss if you can work at home or in the city among one of the most convenient cafeterias in town et.c. Discover new learning platforms by being participated in several valuable seminaries to be inspired on your current task. Try out for different working partners on projects to see other perspectives for your thinking. Or you may just ask for a project that you have never worked before. 
  8. In the case of you are tired at your work you had gone through the same routine day in and day out and searching for new challenges. Try to visualize that you are preparing your investment in the form of saving money for a desired longterm way of working. How about becoming an entrepreneur and being your boss. Scale your business to infinity level and kill it with joy. 
  9. One of the causes of being exhausted and tired at work could depend on the high level of the stress hormone cortisol. To be able to reduce the stress level you can start to take care of your body as your temple for life. Be kind to it by doing different kinds of exercises. Why not considering for a direction of meditating and unite with your spiritual inner guide. Let your ego go aside and be harmonize with your intellect and physical qualities with the connection in a way be responding from the universal energy. 
  10. Always remind yourself to be inspired by your raw models, those who had most influencers in your life. What did they do for success and what kind of mentally did they had in the harder times? Also, remember why you started the work and the project you wanted to accomplish in the first place. 
  11. Be kind to yourself and others by helping and treating your neighbor as you would like to be treated. Bring value to others and receive later on the massive reward of love and fortune back.
  12. When your idéas and works are criticized unconstructively. Do not be pushed down and always searching for better work when you are surrounded by couraging work partners and those who appreciated your true skills. 

Start your own business and determine all of the decisions. 

Now you have come to the state of mind that you are ready for starting something new according to your passions and be able to work in the areas that you are most driven for. 

The financial situation of yours contains your saving money from the earlier jobs and maybe a tendency in need to take some loans to make your first investments possible.

Here are some small steps you can take while thinking about grown your own business

Research about the niche

Now when you have a business idea ready, the first step will be to investigate the market and clarify what are the needs? What kind of problem does business idea solve and who will be your customers? It is also logical to take a look at your competition. Are there any similar products out there and how you will plan to make this standing out from the crowds with a lot more advantages? How big is the market share? Will you be able to achieve your financial goal in a shorter time?

Plan your business

Go through the most important components of the business. Write how you on the practical level will make it to happen. What kind of preparations you have to do first and make a clear economical plan on the costs and how much the sale retailment will be. Do you have to invest much initially or do you have to take a financial loan? 

If you intend to seek a loan then you have to work a little extra with your business plan and clarity all the numbers in a sort of the potential to economical profit and when does it happen? Concretize the cost of the production with the winning concept and then consider the sale retail for every piece of the production.  

Every business plan for different kinds of products will vary. You better read how the foundation of the product of your will look like. 

Pick a business structure

You can either choose your business to be only you are the ownership, but you can even reach out for a partnership, a limited liability company (LLC), or a corporation. The business structure doesn´t have to be permanent, which means you can change it during the time for improvement. If you are a little bit unsure which structures will fit then you even can get professional consultation from an attorney or CPA for a further adviser. 

Name your business and register it

When choosing a name for your business, consider how it will match with the concept of your planning business much as possible. You also have to take a look if the name is available as trademarked. When registering it, you have to know if your business is a sole proprietor, then you have to register the location of the state. 

If corporations, LLCs, or limited partnership then you can register the name when all of the paperwork is done. 

Get Licences and permits

Because different licenses and permits are applying, depending on sort of your business. Research what is relevant in your case. 

Calculate your accounting system

To be able to manage your budget you have to set your rates and prices, conduct business with others, and find your file taxes. If you find difficulty in setting up an accountment system, then hire an accountant to make the hardest work. 

Locate your business 

 Decide the place of your business is one of the important things you have to do. Now you can adapt the location whether it is a home office, a shared or private office space, or a retail location. 

Think precisely about what kind of resources will be needed and what the final picture is when settled up. Will this location of your chose will be profitable in the future? It is logical to buy or rent your business area?

Gather a team you can trust

Take time to find which partners you want to hire or corporate with. Match the hiring process due to the tasks and what kind of responsibilities your employees will have. Look even for tips and guides from for example The small business administration which can be helpful.  

You can even outsource works if needed to outside contractors. While consultation with an attorney you are being able to sign your contract agreement right.

If you decide to be a solo entrepreneur then you neither need employees or contractors. But you may need a support team for mentorship, motivation, technical advice, or just someone who can offer a shoulder to lean on when things get harder. 

Promote your business

The final step will be how to reach out to your audience or customer in an effective way. Start to write a unique and attractive selling strategy as possible and develop your marketing plan. When promoting, try to make so many business ideas you can and take to account the advantages and the disadvantages with every each to at the end concluding for the most selling one. 

When you have gone through all of the basic steps as mentioned then you will be safe for having put together an initial foundation. Be patient and aware that sometimes success takes time. But as long as you regularly apply these steps and work with it consequently then you will reach for success sooner than you think. 

Put your mindset into business

The meaning of the mindset in business is about trying to turn problems and obstacles into opportunities from ideas to reality. 

Always believe in yourself and your business ideas

Constantly stick to your ideas and work on it daily. There will be difficulties ahead, but the most important mindset here will be that you are always searching for solutions and improvements. Sometimes you also have to realize that success will come within times. Be patient and think about many successful businessmen and women out there who had gone through a lot of failings for a long time until they reached their goals. 

Mark Zuckerberg who is the founder of Facebook, which is the world’s biggest social media platform today, dropped out of Harvard to work on something he was believing in. The project had taken a lot of time to make success and he also had been criticized by many stockholders and investors for being too risky. One time he was allowing Russian influencers during the Western elections showed through on Facebook. Afterward, he did regret the decision for not having followed the criteria at the Cambridge Analytica crisis and said that he should have a bigger responsibility for that. 


Be clear about your purposes

Commit is another factor in success. Always be aware of the reason behind why you do take such determinations in your business and then make massive actions constantly to finish. Remind yourself to be satisfied and happy with the decisions you make and integrate it with your copartners and other important business relationships. Do what you had on your first intuition and trust your gut. Focus on your goals and the law of attraction will entering. 

Give time to bring value to others

When you help others to recognize and fulfill their needs, then you will receive long term profitable relationships and self-growing. It is like self-helping when you always put yourself in others’ perspective and locate for the solving. Don´t forget to be authentic and original when dealing. Then it is also easier for you for not taking the critics too seriously and just depending on them. 

Build a personal relationship with your mentor

You also need a mentor in your business area along the way. For getting the best result out of the relationship you have to enter a real friendship connection with the mentor at first, therefore you can also form a trust that the mentor will be there for your gain for a long time. In other words, giving first before asking. In so the mentor will concret your visions better by has already known you as a person. 

Make a habit on viewing failures as a learning curve

Don´t be depressed after a break-down. See this opportunity as you have pushed yourself out of the comfort zone and that your priority for new values and perspectives in your business to expand. In that way, you will easily dare yourself for taking risks and therefore pointing for higher goals all the time. By doing this routine you will change your attitude for being humble, excited, and driven for updated knowledge. 

Be inspired by successful senior business leaders and get close to them

To be able to achieve better results in the knowledge of your areas, always be surrounded by talented people or those who have many experiences before you. Take in so much as you can and challenge yourself for development. Speed up your mind of thinking big and be inspired. 

Avoid stress-related factors

According to statistical sources, the averages workers in most of well- developed countries had expanded their working hours since 80-s drastically. And surely this outcome goes hand in hand with productivity and BNP growth. 

The negativity is that more people had been suffering from stress disorders out of this phenomenon, and the rate seems to have the same direction as rapidly increasing working hours. 

To be able to keep yourself healthy and long-lasting in work, you better be kind to yourself by traveling to the countries you always wanted to visit, or just take small breaks to meditate, be spiritually, and reunited with nature. In so you can heal yourself from stress and load the batteries for new excitement tasks in the future. 

Sort out for the strategies that work!

Only you know what is best for you and your business. Don´t be fear of failures, because after a while you will conclude what has worked and not. Put the direction for those which had worked and strengthened them to the new ones that even faster your work to the final destination. 

Does this mean if your consistently planning has worked for you? Do you get more of being working in longer hours or do you better rest your brain to be more alert and productive to the next time? Accept what you can ´t and can change and finally move on with the process. 

The same strategy on the relationships you want to have in your work and life. Focus on what had a benefit for you. Do you get more clients and friends for being helpful, real, and trustworthy? Does your analysis of their needs of the products and services giving you payoff and when did you see it happen? 

Sometimes you have to be crazy and unique like Einstein 

Don´t be hesitated if you had been responded from your surrounding for being crazy and naive for some undiscovered ideás. I mean no one had thought that Einstein did a huge breakthrough with his theory of the law of gravitation. Since then several scientists had taken advantage of this foundation to create new inventors. Maybe you are crazy as him and your name will be written in history books later on. 

So don´t always go with the flow and dare to yourself to be new breakers of records. 

Be a great leader for your team

To be a leader means huge responsibility and having the ability to coordinate several components at the same time. You also have to be a good human reader and give recognition to those who had been provided for your company. 

Leadership is also about to be humble to the learning for not knowing everything. Be reward to your employee’s productivity and openminded when they desire for new information on a corporate level. Be a raw model when teaching and inspirational. 

Change the work morale for the better by being an example and get things done instead of talking. 

You have to learn to adapt to the environment, take new risks, and take action in shorter times when needed. Be positive no matter the situation comes up to you. 

Read self-development books 

Why not reading to Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill about how to harmonize your energy frequency with your state set of mind becoming unbreakable entrepreneurship through relationships and corporations. In this book, Napoleon has researched about 50 most successful businessmen and women in the United State for 25 years. During the journey, he had seen how they worked their business from scratch. Despite a lot of failures and hardship, they kept continuing until their missions were fulfilled and became one of the richest people in the world. 

Another self-growing inspirational person worth your time to listen to is Louise Hay. From had being abused and raped in childhood, she had found her strength and love to others by reading books on how to be able to heal herself from pains, the trauma in life, misery and negative thinking, and self-destructive punishment when she received the lack of love, for not has been understanding with compassion. In her later years, she helped a lot of people from how to be able to break the old stagnancy path and move on to be free with self-love and having the courage to create a more meaningful and happy life. 

Brian Tracy who had been consultation for several famous and giant companies to take advantage of every minute and hour in a day to just be productive. He even recommends consistently on planner the most important and hardest activities first, then you will have a huge tendency to avoid procrastination from growing. Your thinking matters most in terms of what kind of things you will attracting to your life. The thoughts you have are something only you can control over and later on turn into a positive quality impact on your life and others. One idea will start with your thoughts then it will change to desire and action, which you can choose how to manage and work with it. When you have found your path to make a shift, stick with it and do the work over and over again until you can master it and becoming experts in the subject you have chosen.  

Have flexibility in your mindset

The hardest thing is to be able to take the criticism on the right way and not being blinded and blocked to hear the answer and move on. This kind of mindset is whether about you as a boss or an employee. Although it is much easier to take the credits in compliments, be aware of not being much addicted to those and you will feel much more comfortable to be able to grow. 

Although as a boss you must validate your staff honesty and correctly for their efforts. You don´t have to overdrive but in a professional way of encouraging and challenging you will boost their skills which are needed, on an extensive scale. 

Be updated with new information 

Be prepared that your business concept can be change and mobilized depending on the competition and the development of the market. Always seek new information on newspaper, tv, social media, and physical events so you can follow the trendy one when times change.

Be openminded if one of your employees comes up with some suggestions and improvements that had never mentioned before. Don´t be fast in your judgment if you’re considering turning it down. Take time to make some research on facts and then conclude either if it is beneficial for your company to take action in that direction. 

Discover the digital opportunities to be able to live wherever you want

Take surveys for pay online

One of the most popular ways to make money on the internet is to research companies worldwide who are always in need of opinions and experiences on new upcoming products. You only have to spend a shorter of your time and fill out the survey and then get rewards in terms of cash or products for your work.  

Toluna, Lifepoints, Branded Surveys, InboxPounds, 

OnePoll, i-Say, Opinion Outpost, YouGov, Pinecone, SujrbeyBods, Hiving, Panel Base, Prolific, Valued Opinions, Panel Opinion, The Opinion Panel, Survey Junkie, and also Swagbucks. 

Get paid for searching the web

This is the simplest way to make money online when you just continuing your online behavior by searching for webs. You get a reward from Qmee.com by looking up in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, and eBay. All you have to do is install add on your browser when you conduct the search there will be a few sponsored results alongside your normal search. The rewards come within the results and there is no limitation in how much you get paid on your PayPal account.

Online market trading

When considering starting with investment in stock markets and at the same time doing profit you have to know which platforms are safe and learn properly about how to do it. You don´t have to corporate with a broker by paying for the service, but you can also trading by yourself with the guidelines on these platforms. 

eToro.com is the recommended one which has over 12 million users worldwide and offers free practice accounts. The platform has been mentioned in the BBC 2 documentary “Traders Millions by the Minute” and sponsors several Premier League football clubs. You will have access to copy the top investment trader in performances by the Copy Trader feature. 

To follow clear guidance on how to start on eToro.com just go to this site bellow. 


Start your own website

If you want to have a sidestream income online, then it is smart to begin searching on how to start your own website on Bluehost which required no technology advancer in knowledge. All you have to do is install the plugins that can scale your site to a higher searching rank. Then you just learn how to reach it out on social media and get passive while you sleep. 

Review websites and apps for cash

If you are familiar with a web browser and want to have fun with it while earning money. Just go to Usertesting.com and get pays to review all kinds of websites. Each review only takes 20 minutes to complete and transaction 10 dollars to your PayPal account. 

You can also get rewards for your passion for reading and being able to receive free books during the time. The payout range is between 5-60 dollars per review. This company is paying for your honest opinion about the books and you don´t have to be commercial beside just be yourself!

Check this out for OnlineBookClub.org

Recycle your own phone and earn money

Start now to earn money by recycling your own phones. Ask your family and friends if you can collect for more and create the earning at the same time being friendly to the environment. 

Here are some best companies for recycling old phones:

Giffgaff Recycle, Mazuma, EE Recycle, Envirofone, musicMagpie, and O2 Recycle. 

Improve your economy by being a Clickworker

While being on the Clickworker. com means that you will get integrated with companies which want to collect reviews and opinion for the market survey. There will be several kinds of tasks you can do and get pay for. For example, you can be involved in web research and form filling. You are free to choose what you want to work and when. The reward comes to your Paypal account in transactions of cash. 

Get money in return when shopping

You can save money while shopping in terms of monetary return from 10 or 5 % in cashback. There are plenty of sites out there for you to signing up.

Go to Top Cashback, Quidco, and Swagbucks. 

Gigs on Fiverr

You can sell several kinds of services on the world’s biggest market place on Fiverr. The services could be all from writing, translating, social media posting, playing pranks, and teaching to create music, voiceovers, and short video clips for people all around the world. 

The lowest price for settle up gigs are 5 dollars and you can earn extra by adding more services. The rewards seem not to be much, but you can create a stable income when you in time figure out a system that will not waste much time working with every gig. 

Another way to not have to make all of the work is to reselling your planning gigs on other platforms. By creating an advertisement for jobs application on Upwork or even local classifieds, you can turn 5 dollars of spending to 50 dollars in return. You can do this process over and over again as much as you like. 

Review music for money

If you love to listen to music, there is an opportunity to receive cash for reviewing unsigned bands and artists at Slicethepie. 

It can take some time to be able to earn for example 40 dollars a month. This way of earning money is very easy and joyful to do.

The money will come to you as US dollars and is available worldwide. 

Make extra income as a student

As a student, you can add extra income regularly by sharing your notes on sites like Nexus Notes and Stuvia. The sites will charge a small amount of your profit on the marketing job so you don´t have to reach out by yourself. 

You can upload it in pdf file even through your handwriting. But you can also increase the value by clear it up so they are more friendly to read. 

You can also sell your used course literature on the second market to new students. You can advertiser on campus or make a list on Amazon Marketplace. (be aware of you will be charged with a term of commissions for the sale)

Buy and sell domain names with profit

A domain name is a website address like .com. net, co.uk, etc. To entering with GoDaddy.com the cost will be a minimum as 0,99 dollars to register and the sale price for an attractive domain can come up to millions. In 2007 Vacationrentals.com had sold for 35 million dollars. 

With some little work on searching for an available domain with the commercial value, you can sell with return on sites like Sedo.com 

Be a leander as a bankman

Peer to peer lending is nowaday ways of loaning. Because of no need to middle hand man, you can receive higher interests rate for being a part of lending cheaper loans to borrowers. 

RateSetter was founded in 2010, and the first company which allowed lender for later payment or default through the Provision Fund. The effective dealing, in this case, is that you can create as your own savings account. According to the responsibilities of Ratesetter, no one has lost the money during investing. This is because all of the investors are regulated to FCA.  

Work as a freelancer

If you like to write, being a usual user on Facebook, or doing a bit of graphic design in your spare time. Then there are a lot of simple tasks that mostly require little worktime that many others may haven’t time for and are searching for outsourcing services. 

The best part of this job is that you can connect to all kinds of clients all over the world and trade for your developing skills from home online. 

You can try out on Upwork.com or other sites that search for doing services online. 

Make money while watching videos

What isn´t easier and convenient than just watching videos and get pay. In this way, you don´t have to do the hardest work by making videos. If you are searching for higher rewards you can write subtitles to movies or adding some reviews on those movies you liked. 

Affiliate marketing

When you have created your website you can start to promote other companies’ products and get commissions for the reference sales. There are plenty of companies out there that want to reach out for customers and the rate of the commissions can contain from 10 dollars to 3000 dollars per product. Just pick for products you are interested in sharing in terms of summaries or reviews. Then put links to take the customers to the official site on how to buy it. You get paid when they purchase the products with the rate of commissions you have already known from the start by the company you want to corporate with. This process can be done several times and you can have many sites running at the same time to be able to create massive passive income streams for life. I will, later on, have a deeper dive in this way to do business with a lot of exciting steps to follow easily. 

The final words

So to be able to have freedom of lifestyle as you want from many of the ways I have shown you that I hope are understandable. The most important component you have to notice here is locating what you are passionate about and which are the purposes to make a meaningful life. The next step will be how much resources in terms of money or searching for new job opportunities to be able to live anywhere you want. Do you have to work on your current job for a shorter time or do you have enough savings to be able to start your business already? According to what you want to do, the preparation will look different and the effort in times and money will vary. There is plenty of free information out there on how to make a shift and be able to create a path you always had dreamed of. Research precisely on your chosen nice and take time to get the right knowledge and in time you will become expertise to grow. Remember whatever you want to do to fulfill your dreams, a mindset to always be positive no matter what situations you are in, can determine how your final destination will be. Sometimes the way you decided to work will flow easily and other times there will be challenging and harder to find solutions. Keep in mind that Rome wasn´t built in a day, so have patience and take action on a daily basis to be better for the future. And finally, remind yourself to enjoy your journey and break free to have an independent life as you have desired. 

Go here to get access to free training course on how to grow your business online: https://bit.ly/347H9K0


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