Fear of failure-can you get rid of it?

Do you have feelings for not be able to succeed and then stop doing things in life because you are afraid of failing? You have just concluded not moving forward and stay in the same place as you always have been due to avoid not make any other mistakes or being judged by your surrounding. Maybe it is less energy demanding to stay in the comfort zone and therefore not risky either emotional up- and downwards or financial loss.

Meanwhile, you either work in a job that you aren´t much passionate about and being stuck in a rat race of thoughts. 

Or that you had not a job for a long time because of tiredness of being tired to take action in the right direction. 

During the job-seeking process, it is usually about how you can marketing yourself to be productive in that kind of job you are searching for. And if there are other qualities which are required then all of them have to be in a positive way. In this case, we can discuss if it is about your competence that matters. Or does it has something to do with your past that you are constantly be reminded about to associate the progress with bad experiences? And it all ends that you are still miserable about your current situation and you will not dare to have big dreams. 

In this website, I will be describing the definition of fear of failure, what causes it, and how to overcome it to be able to have a passion for work and life, you always wanted. 

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The definition of fears of failure 

We all have different experiences of failing either in continually searching for jobs and have to go through a tough interview to prove ourselves but at that time we didn´t get the job for several reasons. The prework had been that we graduated with a qualification education. And after we did lots of research on the market place thinking about the competition and how to write an attractive job application. All the hard efforts in work and time had been for nothing during that time. 

Or when we try to lose weights with many diets or strict programs in exercise but failed. And therefore every time we try to do the same effort to achieve our goals, the subconscious mind always reminds us about the same failures in the past. Feeling of failing and ashamed to maybe go through the same process again. This will, therefore, stop us to make any progress to be healthy or become successful.  

Contradictionally to put all of the hard work to achieve our goals, we will instead form the behaviors and actions into areas that are not reminding us about failings and to have any painful emotions at all. In other words, we do everything else for not having any success in work and be happy in life. 

The meaning of fears can be relative to all of us. One can relate fears to be ashamed for not having completed a duty that is expected, while for another it is a learning curve to gather experiences and to be ready for the next mission. 

What causes fear of failure? 

The root of fears sometimes has to do with that you have atychiphobia, meaning that you are suffering from irrational thoughts in the past, which leads to constant fears of failing. This syndrome tends to be a part of other disorders, like mood-, anxiety, and an eating disorder. But if you are the one who is a perfectionist and always strive for the highest results, then atychiphobia in most cases in your life controls you. 


The spectrum of this phobia of actychiphobia is differently extreme for everyone, from mild to very extreme. You can be paralyzed from being able to past the simplest tasks at home, in school, or at work. Therefore you will be missing out much of the important opportunities in work and life. 

Physical symptoms:

  • hard to breath
  • fast heart rate
  • tightness and pain in the chest
  • trembling or shaking sensations
  • light headache
  • hard time to melt food
  • hot or cold flashes
  • sweating

Emotional symptoms

  • strong panic attack or anxiety
  • overreact to avoid a situation related to fears
  • a feeling of personality separation
  • a feeling not having control over a situation
  • you want to die or pass out
  • you often feel not having the ability to change your life for the better

How to overcome the fears of failure

According to Brian Tracy, there are two things you can do first to preventing from feeling fears. The first one is recognition and believing that you can achieve things if you are focusing on it. The second one is always reminding yourself of being someone special and can bring value to you and others. And then you conclude a temporary mistake or failing is another opportunity in the right direction to success.

While Tony Robbins said, it is all about excuses for not taking any action. Often we hear people say that they don’t have enough technology, money, or developing courses. Or I have struggled so hard to lose weights for having been trying out everything which didn´t work. He claimed that we all have to change the state of mind in our emotions for believing in the shift we are looking for. To be passionate enough, honest, and clear determination for looking for answers. Sometimes it is also about that we haven´t found our right skills yet and strengthen them for the right purpose in mission. 

To create a breakthrough to happen in our lives, we must take massive actions immediately. And even complex the project enough, that it becomes the most enemy of excuses. More importantly, remember to always have the right strategy in everything we do. And that we most of all don´t allow our story with a lot of failures in the past being the biggest obstacles in resistance. Always believing in yourself that you can do anything if you put your mind to it! To believe is the central key to success, Tony told.

And for whom of you who are constantly struggling with atychiphobia, be aware of yourself can be the solution. 

Ask yourself questions like:

  • what can I learn from this mistake?
  • What is the positive way in this situation?
  • How do I feel when it is negative and how do I change it?

Also, be reminded to be kind to yourself when it is negative due to lack of confidence and that you have to be perfect all the time. You can treat yourself as a friend with sympathy and understanding. When this happens you are ready to move on to another level. 

Psychotherapy is another effective way to treat the syndrome of atychiphobia, including Cognitive behavioral therapy(CBT). The main purpose of this treatment is to make you get familiar and feel comfortable with the failures you had experienced and with other tools to help you to overcome those. 

Othertimes you also need to be supported by medications contained substances like Beta Blockers to block the adrenaline from having fast heart rate and blood pressure that makes the body shake at that moment. Also, Sedatives can make you feel more relaxed and getting rid of the anxiety in you. 


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How to stop caring about what other people think

Be rationale with your thinking

  • We as humankind would probably be thinking less about others if we knew the real fact that they have so much in their mind that they don´t have the time caring about you. If you met a person and the meeting seemed to be less satisfied, and you became anxious and worried, then the other person either had insecurities or also felt the same. 

Find your tribe

  • Try to be with people who see and appreciate who you are. Avoid those who want you to satisfy their needs. The author Brown in his book “Daring Greatly” explained that the real truth of belonging arrives when we declare the value of self-acceptance is the highest priority. Also when we define and be aware of our weaker qualities, we in that way come closer to the truth of the universe in law.

Be vulnerable

  • Challenge yourself by straining the boundaries outside the comfort zone. Take risks and go for it. Allowing us to speak about those failures to grow. 

Accept help from others

  • Sometimes it is better seeking help on time when you are suffering from mental illness or trauma for a longer time. Health care with professional staff can provide you with sustainable therapy and medication. 

Be kind to yourself

  • Due to that, you can never please everyone in reality. Instead, make an effort to find your path to the goal. by being the nice person you want to be. This is the fastest way toward the final destination you wished for. 

Don´t react strongly to negative comments

  • When people on social media make unconstructive opinions about your look and the way you should behave. You don´t have to lie all of your life for it. Maybe it seems to happen for that person either had a bad day or not being happy with themself in life. You don´t also have always to bother the concern about adjusting yourself by only relying on this. 

Be independent with your emotions

  • You can be addicted to always base your performance on when others give you a positive response, and when you won´t get any credit for it, your whole world is falling apart. Or simply when you feel rejecting by your partner over silly and bagatelle actions, especially when the person didn´t do it with purpose. You start to overanalyze the meaning of your love, which isn´t always the truth. 

Don´t punish yourself as long as you do your best

  • There are moments when we can not be there spending time with our family because of how busy it can be at work or that we are afraid to say no when the boss demanding overtime. The same time blaming and being hard on ourselves not being a part of the family consistently. In conversions during the day with the business partners or the members of the family, when we buy a consequence had said something we didn´t mean and the rest time of the day can not let go of how we couldn´t handle it better. It all ends that we more than often are stuck in the guilty of not have been valuable enough to our environment. With that said we don´t even know anymore when we can be satisfied and kind to ourselves when having done the best in the situations. 

Be aware that nobody is perfect

  • It is easier for us to judge and blame ourselves when things didn´t go our way. For example as the job seeker for being rejected once, we can either choose to have failed big and define us as a loser for the rest of our lives. Or we can research the most successful businessmen and women in the world also had been in dept and broke once after failing in the business they believed in and then starting working from scratch again. This point of view will prove to us that anybody can make mistakes and seeing someone´s success in fortune is sometimes just the tip of an iceberg. 

Focus on your goals

  • When you are focused on what is most important for me right now to improve my life and the surrounding, then you will have less time caring about what others thinking and even the negative thoughts about you. You will also become more alert and want to solve and change things and problems which are most relevant at the moment. And even being accepted for things you can´t do something about and then be more understandable for yourself and what you are capable of achieving. In that way, you also become more conscious about now. The relationships with the family and your business partners also turn to be more reliable, because you even transformer to be a great listener. And therefore be able to easier identifying their needs genuinely. 

Be inspired by someone you admire

  • Pick a role model in the niche you want to succeed in. Then read about that person’s biography and be influence by the achievement and struggling toward success. Learn and try to apply the methods and strategies that had worked for that person. You will be more united with your frequency of vibration to be able to think big and even outside the box. When your desires are connected and involved in activating, it is more motivated for you to take regularly massive actions. In a certain way, you also become an expert with the project you want to accomplish and manage the skills that are needed. 

Take time to meditate

  • Invest your time when possible and get in contact with your inner voice and know yourself on a deeper level. Focus on what does your heart desire and what you want the most for now. Allow yourself to be passionate and be able to love. Open your heart and allow yourself to be vulnerable. When breathing try to regulate the energy flows in you. Release all the dark and bad energies when breathing out, and absorb the most beautiful and light energies when breathing in. Also, visualize a point when focusing. It could be a chi ball or an accumulation place of energy and expand it to a gradual range so far to the universe and even further if you can. In the end, gathering all of the energies into you and close your mind to relax for a couple of minutes. Do this ritual every day and you will find peace and be harmonize with all you will get contact and attachment to. 

Life is very short to waste your energy on unnecessary thoughts and what you don´t have to do or can´t change. Be your best friend in every situation in life and chose each day to be a miracle. Do things and be out there to take part and enjoy the best while you can. Do even a bucket list and concentrate on what in life you want the most. And what makes your life to be meaningful and that you want to wake up every day and looking forward to joining the journey. If you are a helpful and generous person, why don´t you integrate with projects that can make an impact for you and others? Be valuable and needed to your own family and those you much want to help out there. Make life to your own and earn it with sparkle. Then you don´t have the time and energy for caring about what others think of you and who you should become. 

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Why does Leptin resistance maintain?

Here is some mechanism that can strengthen Leptin resistance to continuing:

Inflammation: When overloading of inflammation signals occur to the brain then it is a sign of Leptin resistance

Free fatty acids: With a lot of free acids in the bloodstreams may cause fat metabolism in the brain and prevent leptins to work

BPA: in an endocrine-disrupting chemical and can be found in canned foods, drinks and more. Those chemicals in the bloodstreams can slower the body functions

TBT: Also known as tributyltin, a chemical present in paints, vinyl products, and pesticides

EDC in Teflon: Researchers of Sterling University concluded that EDC levels in the body proportional to the overweight level. The amount of EDC when entering the bloodstream can affect the brain to find Leptin and create instead constantly hunger

Unfortunately, most of the building of Leptin resistance causes a high level of a fatty substance in the body. If we aren´t aware of this the result will be massive overweight and constantly cycle of leptin resistance


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The real content of Leptitox and its functional components- the beauty industries will punish me for telling this!!!

Leptitox contains 22 natural ingredients which are both healthy and easy to lose weight

Here are the most important components in Leptitox with plenty of functions:

Marian Thistle: Has the main function to detoxify the BPA compound that can boost the leptin resistance and even refer to as the endocrine-disrupting chemical

Apium Gavetons Seeds: Preventing the EDC to grow because it harms leptin receptors in the brain

Jujube: A constituent that detoxifies ZEA, which is also an endocrine disrupter

Grape Seeds: Takes away the bad EDC, cadmium, it can be found in vegetables, nuts, cereals, and similar foods

Alfalfa: Works as a replacement for any vitamin loss and can heal the liver

Chanca Piedra: Has a lot of antioxidants and detoxifies EDCs

Taraxacum Leaves: Contains much of vitamin K which can strengthen bones and clean the liver and even prevent EDCs in growing

Brassicas: A type of broccoli with a lot of cysteines, a nutrient that creates glutathione. According to researches, glutathione is the most important antioxidant in our body

Barberry: A plant abundant with berberine reduces fat storage and even increases healthy cholesterol levels and makes the brain to become smarter

Other ingredients have been found in Leptitox are n-acetylcysteine, burdock root, chicory root, feverfew, methionine, choline, and more of 5 secret ingredients

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Leptitox – the truth secret about weight loss!!!


I would like making a shorted introducing about this healthy product which can easily help you to los weight in short time without any kind of hard exercises and extreme diets. All you have to do is get a 5 seconds of water hack easy to remember morning routine to be able to achieve your desired goal.

This product Leptitox is worth the trust because of its testing for certified  and achievement health standards qualified. And also the founder Morgan Hurst has put so much efforts to creating this product with a very valuable and impression reason. A meaningful mission that has completed with hard works.


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Leptitox- to lose weight without hard exercises???!!!!!!

What is Leptitox?

Leptitox is a supplement containing 22 natural ingredients of minerals, acid ammonia, and, vitamins, which have the most function reducing the amount of stubborn fat and creating a high level of leptin in our body. Leptin is a hormone existing in our fat cells with the ability to regulate hunger. The weight loss can, therefore, be constantly maintained. The cause root for a hardship of losing weight is the difficulty of not being trapped in the Leptin cycle resistance. The meaning of this is the low level of leptin causes regular increased food intake and resulting in overweight over time. Leptitox as a natural product creates high levels of leptin and prevents the leptin resistance cycle building in the long term. 

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What is the secret behind this?

The secret behind why a lot of people struggle losing weight and to pay thousands of dollars too many beauty and health industries for nothing. Morgan Hurst has witnessed his wife’s miserable by many unhealthy ways to lose weight for years, begins a long journey of research and has finally found the solution to be able helping his wife for a better life. 

This supplement created by Morgan Hurst together with other scientists is safe because of its GMP certified and achievement for health standards. 

The result of using Leptitox

Grace, the wife of the founder has spent thousands of dollars on meal deliveries, home gym equipment, gym memberships, ab crunches and fitness classes like Crossfit, Zumba, Insanity P90x and more without losing weights. When she started with Leptitox and became 62Ibs lighter. After she could have a smaller size of clothes that had never been fitted before in 25 years. 

A group of people had been asked to test this product. Most of them were over 40 years old overweight. They couldn’t possibly lose weight no matter what their diet was and how much they exercised. The result showed that the average pound loss was 53Ibs in just a few weeks. 97% of the participates lost over 59 Ibs of fat. 

The symptoms they felt were:

  • Energy levels increased
  • Dangerous visceral fat around organs disappeared
  • Their health was supported by stronger hearts, healthy arteries and stable blood pressure

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The conclusion

The issues about overweight seem to be very gradual. Because of its unknown root case that makes many people forcing themselves to make a high amount of investments in money to a bunch of beauty and health industries without any success. Then it is very interesting to do a review of what is working. This product Leptitox created by Morgan Hurst seems to have a lot of advantages that maybe it is worth a try. Due to its 100% natural ingredients make that we don´t have to care about side effects and also it is easy to use creating a big trustfulness of using it. But we should be considered if the message does not have to care about overconsuming unhealthy food and doing very little exercise will work with Leptitox?, according to my personal opinion. On the other hand, if the low level of leptin happening then it becomes with ease to change bad habits.


How to take Leptitox

Leptitox is a natural powder that can mix in the water and only takes 5 minutes drinking it in the morning.


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Can I lose weight in 3 days with Leptitox-true or false???!!!!!

The valuable mission 

Morgan Hust, who is the founder of Leptitox, began his search for a solution about overweighted issues. The reason was because of his wife Grace, who had gained a lot of pounds after several births. The situation became more and more uncontrolled. Grace was struggling to lose weight by a lot of diets and many kinds of exercises without any results. She started to feel more and more helpless and depressed. Morgan asked himself why his wife couldn´t lose weight, and, being able to feel more attractive and sexy again.  He started looking for other women on internet and was comparing them to his wife. But in the end, he finally accepted for who she was, and, did the commitment to unconditional love.


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During his journey to Malaysia for guide and education to others as an experienced fireman, he was. He discovered that all of the men in Malaysia were very slim and healthy. He started asking about their habits on which kind of food they usually ate. He found out that these men were never addicted to unhealthy food. And of course, they usually did train a lot. When talking to the men, he concluded that there were natural ingredients, which contained 22 chemical substances of minerals, acid ammonia, and, vitamins. These ingredients could decrease the Leptin resistance in the body very effectively. And with that, he decided to build this Leptitox as a natural and best way to lose weight product. 


  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • Leptitox is very easy to take
  • 100% natural
  • Help the body detox, control the appetite and promote healthy weight loss
  • No necessary for hard exercises and extreme diets
  • Boost the immune system


  • Can only be purchased online
  • The result may vary from person to person
  • It may take a little time, at the beginning to feel the result
  • Women during pregnancy are not recommended using the product

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The niche

Statistical studies show the BMI rate of women and men overall is still growing fast over time. 

According to the Global Wellness Economy in 2017, the segment of Health and Fitness is constantly increasing and covering 4,2 trillion dollars compared to the total expenditures in the economy. The biggest segments of them all which representing in Personal Care, Beauty and Anti-Aging have a market share of 1,083 billion dollars. Therefore Healthy Eating, Nutrition and Weight Loss with 702 billion dollars. And finally Fitness and Mind Body with 595 billion dollars



Why is Leptitox working for me who hate hard diet and training????!!!!


Why is Leptitox working?

The struggle of losing weight is very usual and something that most of us can relate to. The problems will be how we are ashamed of ourselves for eating too much unhealthy food, insecure about being attracted enough and becoming depressed and isolated.

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For decades people have excused themself why weight loss couldn´t be avoided, because of high-fat foods carbohydrates provided many calories, lack of motivation to do something about it or genetics. There are a lot of diets and healthy industries, trying to solve the issues of overweight and have failed. Simply just because not have been concentrating on the real root cause.

The root cause

The root cause in most of the over-weighted issues is about Leptin resistance. Leptin is a hormone which contains in our fat cells, high level of leptin makes us want to eat more. This condition is calling Leptin resistance and it doesn´t matter how little we eat or how much exercise we do, we´ll get a hard time reducing weight.

Leptitox is a product that preventing from leptin resistance processing within our body and is a blend of 22 natural ingredients of selected herbs, amino acids, and vitamins. When the consistency of Leptin resistance attacks our body, hunger and craving increases. It makes our brain thinking about unhealthy food all the time. Get rid of the Leptin resistance is in other words best way of losing weight. 

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